Some local Pyrex for sale

I am looking for a Pyrex in the Pink Daisy pattern. This one was listed again on Craig's List. It was on there for almost two months at $25 locally. They listed it again at $20. I wondering if I should call and offer $15. I want it bad enough to pay $15, but not bad enough for $20.

There is a set of three Shenandoah bowls for $25 for the set. That's not a bad price, but it's not a pattern I'm looking for. 

I sorta like this Verde pattern, but not sure. It's just $10 so that is not a bad price.

Two Butterprint bowls for $30 total. Not a bad price considering how hard it is to find that patter around here except in antique stores. 


It started with a towel...

When I got my new towel from my cousin, I realized I needed to change some things up. I have been using tablecloths for over 20 years. I have decided it is time to switch to place mats for awhile. 

I found some plaid ones in light browns and tans that I really liked. So I picked them up and brought them home, hoping I would like my table without a tablecloth. 

I have an old McCoy pitcher my cousin Patty and I bought for Mamaw Eden one year for Mother's day when we were little girls. When Mamaw passed away, Patty made sure I got the pitcher to keep and I have kept it in my kitchen ever since. I had some spring flowers that I put in it for my centerpiece for the table. 

My dining set is a solid oak and we have had it a little over 20 years. It is not without scratches and blemishes. That is why I always used tablecloths. But I got out the Old English and went to work polishing and shining. I wanted to bring the beauty back to it. I was very pleased with my hard work. So I put the place mats and the pitcher on the table. 

Then I added my wicker baskets that stay on the table. One with napkins and one with the salt and paper shakers. 

I must say I am very pleased with the result. I think I'm going to like seeing my table again after all these years. 


Rainy Day Rambling

...It is pouring the rain and storming in my neck of the woods. And I've been up since 5:30. Hate it when I can't sleep in on rainy days. It will definitely be casual dress Sunday for Sunday School this morning. 

...I saw a lady at the grocery store last night that I know from the local Fire Department. She had the prettiest fingernails. They looked like almost acrylic, but they were her real nails. The polish was that new gel polish. Oh my gosh! What a difference that makes in a manicure. She has had it o for a week and it looked like she just had a manicure an hour ago. She said it is about $25 to get them done, but I researched the gel polish and you can purchase a bottle for a lot less than that. It's still high for nail polish. But when you think of how many times you could do your nails with one bottle vs. having to go pay to have them done, the price is great. 

...I have been thinking about using placemats on my kitchen table. I have used tablecloths for over 20 years. I may step out of my comfort zone and use placemats for a change. I even found some I like yesterday. I even bought them. I even brought them home. Now, to just get my nerve up today to switch out from a tablecloth to placemats. It's funny, I love change. It never bothers me....except with something like this. But I feel like I'm in a tablecloth rut so I am willing to try placemats...for however long it will last. Come back tomorrow to see the tranformation...IF I like it.

My daughter's nephew by marriage is getting married today. My granddaughter Shelby is a flower girl in the wedding. My grandson Caleb needed a new shirt to wear. So since rehearsal was yesterday, I was asked to take him shirt shopping. Have you ever went shopping with a 9 year old for clothes? It was an experience. He shops nothing like me or his mommy. He sees what he wants and he makes his mind up immediately. He did bring a chuckle to my day as we were trying on his shirt. They have big dressing rooms so he had me come in with him. I was helping him button the buttons and I think he was getting aggravated with me because he is perfectly capable of doing it himself. But here I was helping (it's a grandma thing). He sighs and looks at me and says "Now I know how Jason Aldean feels when his grandmother helps him in the dressing room." I cracked up. For those of you who don't know, Jason Aldean is a country music performer and Caleb's idol. I just smiled, but I am pretty sure that Jason's grandma doesn't go into dressing rooms with him. 

I guess it is time for me to get off here, quit my rambling and eat a bite of breakfast before church. Is Lemon Glazed 7-Up Cake considered acceptable breakfast food?


Surprises and a celebration...

I went out to the mailbox yesterday and I had a little package from my cousin, Jeannie. Even though I don't see my cousins or talk to them as much as I would like, we have remained a close family for years. I was so excited to hear from her that I ripped into the package right there at the mailbox. I couldn't even wait to get back to the house. What was inside made me scream! I was so EXCITED. Check it out. She made me a dishtowel with Pyrex bowls. And they are the Cinderella style that I love. Words cannot describe how happy I was. 

I dashed in the house, showed Hubby and rushed to the kitchen to hang it up. I knew exactly where I wanted it. It looks so pretty hanging there and the colors go perfect with my collection. Hubby keeps laughing at me because I keep going in the kitchen and just staring at it and saying "I can't believe I have a Pyrex dishtowel. Doesn't it look pretty hanging there?

I want to give a Happy Anniversary shout to a very precious friend of mine. Ms. Norma had a milestone anniversary yesterday. She celebrated the 10th year of her lung transplant. For someone who was told the transplant should add about 5 years at the most to her life, 10 is a major, major reason to celebrate. She is such an inspiration to anyone who knows her. God has blessed her in so many ways and anybody that knows her is inspired by her strength, her will, and most importantly by her unshakable faith in God. I hope you will take 2 minutes to watch this video of Ms. Norma on the Dr. Bob Show. She is one of the most special women I know.


Go the extra mile...

Sometimes it pays to literally go that extra mile. I went to a yard sale yesterday that was on Craig's List and it was really disappointing. There was one across the street that was unadvertised. It was a young girl and her grandmother. They had a few school/office supplies so I picked up four new folders and two packs of my favorite note pads for a total of $1.20.

As I turned out of the subdivision, I thought to myself, I think I'll go on up the road a mile just in case there are any more yard sales. Our little town doesn't always advertise, they just stick out a sign. Well, I am so glad I turned and went the way I did. I stumbled a cross a little second hand store that has just been opened three weeks. I normally have no need to go in that direction and it is in a residential area so it was a double surprise. It's called His & Hers Resale Shop. 


Talk about a pleasant surprise. Not only was it a new place to shop, it has some amazing items. 

I fell in love with this little bistro set right by the front door. The price was very reasonable but I have no room for it. 

They have some neat figurines. And she has everything displayed very nicely.

There was so much that I don't think I even looked at everything. As I look back over my pictures I see several things I missed, like this gorgeous white lamp off to the far left of the picture. I never even noticed it yesterday. I need to go back and check it out. 

I didn't notice the little beehive lamp with the blue shade. My daughter says I am obsessed with lamps this year and I fear she may be right. This beehive is just too cute. I should go get it for my office. Of course, when your nickname is B, you tend to gravitate to cute little bee related items. 

And the name is right. There is a lot for the "His" in your household as well. I should have checked out the coffee table books. I love a good deal on a book. 

Lots of tools and manly items for my better half to go check out later. 

I am still amazed at the sheer variety of products she has in the shop. I love figurines and she has some really cute one. 

I didn't think to get a price on this chair. I will check it out on my next trip. I have a friend that is looking for chairs to fix up for her craft room. This might just be exactly what she is looking for. 

Being short, I had not noticed the wire baskets on top this shelf. 

But I did spot some cute items on the lower shelf. I actually have a bunny rabbit like that pink one. 

Another cute little table and chairs set. Makes me want to enclose my back deck and fix a cute little breakfast nook on it. Check out the precious little lamp on the table. (there I go with the lamp again, daughter may just be right).

Lots of neat kitchen items from decor to useful to some vintage. She did tell me that she goes to estate sales to get a lot of her stuff so I can't wait to see what she adds as the summer goes along. 

I love purses and if I can get a deal on a purse in good shape, I will usually snap it up. She has quite a selection. And they are all like brand new. 

I have been looking for a red purse. This one caught my eye. It was a soft as could be. The inside is leopard print and the price...$4.95! Did it come home with me? Well, yeah. So thrilled. I've already changed my stuff to it so it can go shopping with me today. 

I need to go back over there first thing this morning. I was so excited about my red purse, I failed to walk around the rack to the other side. As I was posting the pictures, I saw this blue one that is a color my daughter loves. Since all the purses are $4.95, I think I will be in major trouble if I don't go get her this blue one today. 

But I have saved the best for last. As I was browsing through the kitchen items, a piece of vintage McKee glass caught my eye. It was in excellent shape, just needs washed and cleaned up. It was the sailboat pattern that I've been looking for. A 1930's vintage butter dish.

I held my breath as I looked at the price.....


Happy dance time. You betcha this definitely came home with me! I am beyond thrilled. I'm going to clean and shine it today and place it in a place of honor in my kitchen. I must have picked it up twenty times last night just to look at it and smile and say "mine, all mine." I will definitely keep visiting this little shop. 


A sneak peak on summer ....

I am so excited. The new Thirty-One summer catalog comes out on May 1st. Want to see a sneak peak at some of the new patterns?

I like the new black and white pattern with a pop of pink in it. This is also two of the new thermals. 

I like the new navy and aqua look too. Very summery. This new blue and aqua pattern is called Best Buds. I love it. 

I am in love with the new thermal and the newest pattern in the Inside Out bag. It's my favorite purse. Check out the thermal bottle carrier. That is on my MUST HAVE list.

And you know I am going to have to buy the flip flop thermal lunch tote. That is so me!

The Easy Breezy Tote in the Best Bud pattern would be great for the beach.

I really do like how they have incorporated the pop of pink into the black and white pattern.

One of my favorite Thirty-One products is the mini zipper pouch. And now they have added Flip Flops to the Little Expressions product line. Oh my, I will definitely get one of these. 

If you become a consultant during May - August, you will get all of these product below in your $99.00 kit. Becoming a Thirty-One consultant was one of the best decisions of my life. I would love to talk to you if you think you would like to become a consultant. 

All the items below are the May Special. It is a special on all the thermal products. More info to follow. 


Random Wednesday

Just a few totally unrelated things to share today....

Sausage gravy is a very popular item for breakfast. But not everybody has heard of bacon gravy. It's made from bacon grease, obviously. It is my favorite and hubby has made it for me since we got married. I have never made gravy from scratch in my life. I decided to try to make some bacon gravy for my supper the other night. It was a success. No lumps, great taste. I was so proud of myself.

One of my favorite purses that I love to carry is my Thirty-One Casual Cargo Purse. 

It has these little snaps on the sides that you can undo and it creates a wider top for the bag. 

I recently discovered it was a perfect fit for my laptop. I couldn't believe what a good fit it was. 

I also have one of their zipper pouches. 

I put my mouse and other cords all in it that I use for the computer. 

It slid right down in behind the laptop with no problem. 

Now I have a very easy to carry laptop case. The purse has padding in it and even has some inside pockets if I want to just put my cord and mouse in those instead. But I like having it all in the zipper pouch. I put my cell phone in one of the front pockets and my wristlet wallet in the other pocket and I'm ready to go when I need to take my laptop somewhere.

I recently scanned some photos for a friend. It didn't take much time because there were not that many. She wanted to thank me, so she brought me some of the handmade dishcloths I love. I adore these.

I found a home for my new little Federal bowl I got Saturday. Everything on the rack is vintage. 

For now, the little lamp and the Pyrex coffee pots are on this shelf, but I'm not sure I'm keeping them there. 

I hung the sea horses over the towel rack in the beach bathroom. They are just too cute for words. 

The little seashell went on the shelf above the other towel rack. Notice my little birdhouse? That is out of plastic canvas and takes about one hour to make. I had forgotten how much I love making those. I'm going to cut out some and make one for each room of my house. I just love birdhouses. 

My little candle warmer lamp found a home on the corner of the sink. 

And I hung the dishtowel on the end of the wine rack. 

Happy over the hump day!