A gift from a friend...

I have a dear friend who is an avid crocheter. I asked her to make me 4 or 5 little crocheted doilies the other day and offered to buy them from her. She is such a sweetheart that she wouldn't take anything for them, but offered to make them for free if I didn't care what thread or yarn she used. I assured her it didn't matter because I had plans for them and no one would see them. Well, she called yesterday and said she had dropped the bag off at my house. I came home to find this.

She had made me 10 of the little doilies. I was beyond thrilled. I needed them for a specific reason and this is plenty to do what I needed.

As you know, I collect Pyrex and I collect the Cinderella and the mixing bowl sets that nest inside each other. Sometimes when the dryer runs in the utility room, the racks in the kitchen will shake a little and I always worry about my bowls getting chipped or scratched. 

I have found if I place a crochet doily in the bottom, they won't move and it adds a little cushion to prevent scratching. I placed one in my new bowl from Christmas. 

Then I stacked the next one in the set inside the bigger bowl on the doily. 

Now they are stacked and won't shake. I am loving it. I still need two more to complete this set, but I already have the doilies when I need them. 

She surprised me with the extra white doilies, but then she surprised me even more with the red dishcloth. I love these. I collect them because they have so many uses and never seem to wear out.

She even made me a few red doilies so I can use them for Valentine's. I was thrilled. 

I love all my goodies. Thank you my dear friend. 

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Terri D. said...

What a lovely gift, and what a great idea! I love those dish cloths, too! She is good, to crochet that many so quickly. I haven't crocheted in years, but I know it would have taken me a couple of weeks to just do one of those doilies!