Craft Projects

I've been on Pinterest getting some ideas. With the holidays over, my craft room is restored and I can start doing some crafts. I have a lot of plastic canvas and yarn so I'm going to cut out and organize projects I can do in an evening while watching TV. I may try some of these bookmarks.

I know I want to make some coasters. I love the one with the cat. And I can pick and choose what colors I want to use. Coasters can be made in about an hour so they are one of my favorite things to make. 

I love birdhouses and these are also something simple to make. This pattern makes birdhouse coasters so I think I may have to try one of those as well. 

This is so cute and so simple. I think I will let my Sunday School class make these one week for their Mom's. I will just do a smaller size with one of those Dollar Tree frames. But it will be so cute. 

This was made out of paint chips that they cut into hearts, but you could use construction or scrapbook paper. I would do mine in all scrapbook patterns of pink and red designs for Valentine's Day.

This is just too cute and looks very easy and inexpensive. I may have to try one of these some day.

This is a no brainer to let my Sunday School class do for Valentine's. Simple and fast. And minimum adult supervision.


This is really cute and easy as well. If you did it out of cloth and put a ribbon to hang it, it would make a cute front door decor.

This looks super simple to make and you can get a lot of scrapbook paper that is patterned differently on each side. 

Adorable but looks like it is a little too fru-fru for me. 

These are cute and I bet you could make them really fast. 

Oh, this is definitely a craft for my Sunday School class. Talk about inexpensive and easy. Can't wait to start gathering supplies. 

I love making these little pinwheels and putting them on dowel sticks for flowers to go in a milk glass vase. 

These are really cute for my SS class as well. It looks like a foam kit. I would leave off all the little hearts and use card stock scrapbook paper. It would fold better and keep its shape. Some pipe cleaners, googly eyes and fuzzy balls and you would be in business. 

These are cute wall hangings. 

Well, guess I better go make a list of supplies I need to start looking for. 


Rachel said...

I would really like the snowflake bookmark and the Christmas tree coaster! Please!!!

Debbie Huffaker said...

Pinterest is just awesome, right?!? But, let's not go ditzing on "fru fru"!!! I made a wreath similar to that one for Valentine's Day one year!!! LOL!! HOPE you have fun with all your Valentine crafts!!!

Leslie said...

So many cute ideas!!! I love the colorful heart garland!
Have fun creating!

Terri D. said...

I do Pintrest in spurts. Haven't been on my site for a long time. These are all adorable projects!! Thanks for sharing!! Of course, I really like the cat coasters!!