Friday Finds

Sometimes late in the evening when there is nothing on TV, I like to scout around and check out vintage items on Pinterest, Ebay and Etsy. I like to look for things that catch my fancy in the hopes that I my find them "in the wild" someday. I don't order online. I like the thrill of scouring thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales, and antique stores to find what I want. But I do like online window shopping to get ideas.

The first thing I found this week that caught my eye was this Pyrex carafe. My favorite pattern in Pyrex is Town & Country which consists of medallions. They are sometimes all brown and sometimes they are a mixture of yellow/orange and brown. When I saw this beauty, I just knew I was going to have to start looking for one for my Town & Country collection. 

I also stumbled upon this. But I am not sure who made it or how old it is. I forgot to write that down. But I do know that I think it is very cute. I would guess late 50's early 60's since it was pink. That seemed to be popular during that time. 

One thing I found I had seen before but have never been able to find it in the wild. It is a pitcher that is made by Arcopal. Arcopal is a French based company that has made Pyrex for sales in France for years. These are some of their earlier pieces that I really like. 

Just thought I would share some of these designs with you today. Hope you enjoyed them.


Terri D. said...

I absolutely had no idea that there were so many patterns and styles of Pyrex. I love peeking at your collection and wish list!!

John Smith said...

Enjoyed reading through your blog, I like to travel the flea markets too when I was able. finding those treasures! LOL
My favorite is Hazel Atlas, and thought I would share the newsletter with you at http://hazelatlasglass.com/january-2014-newsletter.php
hope you enjoy it.