I changed my mind.....

Do you ever buy something that is a good deal only to get it home and later on decide it wasn't what you wanted? Well, this past year I picked up some good deals at various thrift stores and yard sales that I have changed my mind on. I liked this Fire King Meadow Green casserole dish when I saw it, but I have decided to sale or trade it off. 

I had bought the matching baking dish in the same pattern and have never used it. I have a Pyrex one I use all the time.

I bought this Opal Pyrex 023 because there was no pattern, just simple white. Now, I don't like it any more because there is no pattern, just simple white. 

A friend gave me this gravy boat because I had this pattern in some bowls. Now I am tired of this pattern and want to trade for something more in the line of what I am collecting. 

This Glasbake loaf pan is pretty, but just something I have never used and never found a good place to put it. 

The Old Orchard Pyrex 043 is a common piece, but not everyone collects it. I used to have several pieces in this pattern, but that was way back before I started collecting and they have ended up in yard sales.

These were two of my first Pyrex pieces I bought when I started collecting. Now it is not one of the patterns I collect any more. 

I'm going to hit the Varage Sale, Craigslist and Facebook Vintage groups this morning to put all this up for sale or trade. If you know anyone who is a collector that may be interested in these pieces, feel free to send them a link to this blog. I would love to part with these to make room for the patterns I am collecting now.

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Terri D. said...

Good luck with your sales!! Keep us posted!