I had a thought....

All last summer, I would go out to yard sales and I was forever seeing nice pieces of furniture at good prices that I would love to have but I don't have any extra room. But I was working on craft projects this weekend and had to get something from my little three door Rubbermaid chest.

As I was looking at this corner and looking around my room, I realized that I could move some furniture over here and get rid of these two pieces and get something to replace them that has more room. I headed to Craig's List. I found these that would work for me. 

Then I found these hutches and thought "WOW, I could have a lot more storage room if I go up instead of just out. Not to mention what nice pieces of furniture these are.

But why stop there? If I want to go vintage, why not get rid of my big bulky plastic table and get something like a drop leaf table. 

And of course in my search, I started finding things I loved that had nothing to do with chests or tables. One thing was this library step stool. Oh be still my heart! I would love to find one of these.

And then I saw a painting I fell in love with. I know it would be almost impossible to find in the wild, but one can always hope. The Antique Mall on Hwy 66 in Kodak has tons of vintage pictures on their third floor attic room. I may have to check that out.

And the last thing that caught my eyes was this vintage utility table (which is what we called them growing up.) This was $45.00. I just bought one exactly like it last summer for $2.00. So yes, I would say I got a good deal.

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Terri D. said...

I'm afraid to go to Craig's List because I would be like you - finding way too many things that I would just have to have!! The things you showed us are all great. Let us know what you end up with, please!!