It's been a good week.....

My hubby knows I love him, but he swears he thinks I like the delivery men just as much.

This past week has been full of goodies. I've had the FedEx guy and the mailman come to my door, which always means I have a new goodie. The mail man was the first to arrive. I got this awesome Pyrex coffee carafe. It was a trade from my Pyrex group. From my research, it was from the 1960's and is referred to as Mod Black and Mod Flowers. I am not sure if either one is correct, but I know I love it. It is so clean and shiny that it doesn't look like it was ever used.

Another item I got on a Pyrex trade group, was this precious tulip creamer. I just saw it for the first time last week and then it showed up for trade in one of my Facebook groups so I traded a Pyrex coffee cup for it. I am in love. The colors go great in my kitchen and the tulip is something I am incorporating into my spring kitchen decor this year. It is just too adorable.

Then the FedEx guy came knocking. I had ordered a new mini-zipper pouch from Thirty-One and it arrived. They have this whole new whimsical bird theme on some of the new products and I just had to have this.

I am constantly on the go and have had several people tease me about flittering here and there. Plus my favorite movie of all time is Disney's Summer Magic. In that movie they sing a song called Flitterin' which was one of my favorite songs from the movie. So when I decided to order the little birdies, I just had to put Flitterin' on it for the personalization.

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Terri D. said...

I am finding your blogs and photos so interesting. I've never known anyone to collect Pyrex. Awesome!!