My front porch....

Like most of the country, I am over this extremely cold weather. The low 20's kill me. To get up and see 15 on the outside thermometer has been bad enough, but this morning it was 1 degrees when I left for work. 

That was enough to throw me into a depression. So I starting thinking about spring and what I want to do with the front porch. I want to replace the old porch swing that is metal with a new wooden swing. I love wooden swings and they bring back memories of going to Grandma Garretson's or sitting out in the yard and Mom & Dad's. I would really like to find a white one at a good price this spring.


My plan is to place nice fluffy cushions on it to make it a great place to sit and relax or read a good book. 

I loved my Swedish Ivy plant last year, but it is too much care required and grew so large that I had no where to put it in the house so I couldn't bring it in this winter. My first year here, we had Boston ferns and I loved them. I am going back to my ferns this year. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed them until I didn't get them last year. 

In my search for spring flowers, I found some unique ideas for flower outside. Being a lover of tea pots, I thought this was cute even if it is unrealistic. First, the expense of the teapots. Second, the ease with which they could break. But it is cute. 

I just love this. My back deck is so bland and has nothing on it. I am thinking of decorating it this spring with a gardening theme. This would be adorable on a type of gardeners work bench on the back deck.

I just absolutely fell in love with this. Of course you would have to watch what type of finish you put on it before you sit it out in the weather. It sure is pretty though.

Now this I could easily do. I have tons of random tea cups and this would be cute on a little table on the front porch.

This would also be cute on a front porch. I love the bright yellow.

A great idea for an old chair whose seat is worn out. 

There are so many ideas and ways to decorate. I can't wait till spring gets here so I can get started.


Rachel said...

I am with you sister! I am so ready for spring. I have been thinking about how I am going to do my porch this year too. I have some ideas already. I'm just going to have to hit the flea markets and the craft shops. More snow coming our way today! ⛄️❄️

Terri D. said...

You found some very cute ideas for you front porch and back deck! I can't wait to see what you actually do, so don't forget to post photos, please!!

I grew up in a house with a great front porch, and one of those wonderful wooden swings. Many, many sweet hours spent out there with family and friends on warm summer nights (I grew up in Ohio). We don't have a porch here. :(