My how it's grown......

I have had a few requests about my Pyrex collection. I was just taking stock the other day and was amazed at how much I have accumulated in two years. This was my very first set, the spring blossom bowls in the second shelf below. That was it. I was hooked.

Now that shelf has grown and not just with Pyrex. I have found that I love vintage pieces of any sort. This looks a little utilitarian right now because I am searching for some flowers to spruce it up some with my vintage milk glass vases I haven't displayed yet. 

One of my proudest moments was when I found these vintage Holt Howard kitten S & P shakers for just $9.00. I wanted them so bad but they were $40 - $80 online and in the antique stores. Finally found a bid on E-bay and won it for just $9 which included the shipping price.

The bottom shelf of this rack is a collection Pyrex, vintage sandwich glass and some Hazel Atlas cups and a vintage jelly glass. The glass juicer was found for .25 cents in the bottom of a junk box at a yard sale held by a man.

I wanted the cups so bad and found them at a road side flea market for just .75 cents each. My oldest cousin, Jeannie, gave me the jelly glass. I was beyond thrilled to get it since it was on my wish list and I couldn't find it anywhere.

Some more of my Pyrex is on my Baker's rack. I am a Hodge Podge collector. I love all the different colors and patterns. I use my Pyrex regularly so I like to have it handy. Check out the Pyrex dishtowel also from my cousin Jeannie.

Since I don't limit my vintage items to just Pyrex, I have also found a Federal Pitcher and a vintage Evenflo Baby Bump pitcher. I have my Mamaw Eden's McCoy pitcher that me and my cousin Patty bought for Mamaw for Mother's day when we were younger. I just noticed I need to tighten the cabinet knobs again.

I also have vintage items in my cabinet that I use a lot, like these two Pyrex coffee cups.

And this set of 12 Swanky Swig vintage glasses. A lady had them for sale for $24 at her yard sale. I didn't want to spend that much even though I really, really wanted them. I came home empty handed and regretted it all day. I went back in the evening and she had marked them 1/2 off so I bought 2 of them for $2.00. Thought about it as I slept that night and decided to go back and see if she had more. She still had the other 10. She did and had them marked down to $2 for all 10. So I ended up spending $4.00, not $24 and still got the whole set. These are my milk and juice glasses. They are one of the vintage items the grandkids get to use.

I have a vintage utility cart in my office/craft room. I had been looking for one for a long time and they were always $30 or $40 at antique stores. My friend told me I should go to her dad's neighbor's for a yard sale. So I did and got this cart for $2.00 and it was in excellent condition. I did a happy dance that day for sure. 

I figure if a office can have a coffee pot, I can have one in my home office even if it is never used. I traded to get both of these in one of my vintage trade groups. I bought the Libby vintage coffee cups at a yard sale for $1.50 for all four. 

I can't wait till spring to see what I can find this year.


Terri D. said...

Thanks for the tour of your collection!! You have some beautiful pieces, and (of course) I LOVE the cat S&P set!! You sure did get some great bargains!

Liz said...

What a great collection you have amassed! The best part is hunting for all of those vintage items! Happy hunting!