My mind is racing

It's one of those mornings where my mind is jumping from one thing to another. I have been motivated so far this year to try to complete one item per week that I see on Pinterest. Some weeks may be more, but my goal is to completed a minimum of 52 pins I have seen on Pinterest. Whether it is decorations, recipes, crafts, DIY, clothing or just an idea, I want to follow through instead of just pinning. You can check out my progress on my page 52 Pins on this blog. Feel free to use this badge below and pin your projects on your blog. Leave me a comment if you do because I would love to hop around all year to see what everybody is accomplishing.

Here are a few things that I am planning for the upcoming weeks. Some are for my Sunday School class, but those count because I have to make the sample one for them to see what to do. This may be the one I do tomorrow because we have had so much snow this past week.

I also like this next craft for my Sunday School class. This would be perfect to take home to their Mommy. 

And this is so simple, but I just love it so I think I will make one of these for MY Mommy! I may make a little red and white basket and fill it with some of her favorite candy as well. Ssh! Don't anybody tell her or show her this post. I am going to make mine using fabric and Wonder Under so it will be vintage looking. 

I love this wreath but I do not love the yellow. I would go with another color. I know a couple of young girls who are becoming Yo Yo pros. I need to get my material I want and see if I can sweet talk them into making me a few yo yo's. I already have yarn, buttons and some of those flowers that I

spring wreath inspiration

I am going to love having a plan.

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Terri D. said...

It is going to be so great seeing your projects completed each week!