One of my favorite recipes.

I have a favorite meal that I thought I would share with you. I washed and baked four potatoes. You can do as many as you want depending on how many people you are feeding. This was for me and hubby. I baked them unwrapped in a round pan at 450 degrees for one hour. I like my potatoes good and fluffy.

I cut them open and let them cool just enough to handle them. 

While they were baking I fried up some bacon to use in the dish.

Once they cooled enough that I could pick them up, I scooped all the potato out of the skins.  

I added button and some salt. I like mine with lots of butter, but use your own preference.

I smashed up the potato and butter and crumbled the bacon into the mixture. If the potatoes are too cold for the butter to melt, simply pop them in the microwave long enough to warm them up and soften the butter so you smash them up good. 

Then I mixed it all together. (It looks a lot more yellow than what it was. Don't know what happened to the picture.)

Spread it out in a baking dish. Size you need depends on how thick you want your layer and how many potatoes you baked. Just use your own judgment.

Cover it with your favorite cheese. I alternated between American slices and Velveeta Shredded. But American was all I had on Sunday. 

Place it back in the oven at 350 degrees until cheese melts and it gets warm again. Usually 10-20 minutes depending on how cool the potatoes got. If your potato mixture is cold, you can also just warm it and then add the cheese the last 10 minutes. My potatoes were still warm from the microwave so I just did mine for 10 minutes this day. While it was in the oven, I got everything out to make some scrambled eggs to go with it. It is also a good side dish for chicken tenders. 

This is how everything turned out. 

I always save me a few pieces of bacon to have as meat with the meal. This is one of my favorite meals. Just looking at it this morning makes we wish I had leftovers. 

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Terri D. said...

Now I want some...or should I say I want some NOW!! LOL That really looks good. I would save time and bake the potatoes in the microwave, though. Yum!!