Top 10 Tuesday

Today's Top 10 title is TULIPS.

Here are 10 items I have seen on E-bay and Etsy that have tulips on them that I just love.

10. This pan is just too cute with the little tulips and the birds. 

9. I love floral on anything and since this has tulips and daffodils, two flowers I love, it stands to reason that I am going to love the tray. Plus I like the rustic look of it.

8. These dessert plates are really cute. 

7. I love the bunny flower sack dishtowels.

6. But this one was my favorite one I saw. 

5. Of course, you know if there is a tulip Pyrex pattern I am going to have it in my top 10 list. 

4. And I couldn't resist adding another Pyrex tulip pattern. 

3. I just saw this pattern for the first time. It is Corelle from 1972 and is called April Tulips. I am in love with this little cream pitcher. I am on a mission to get one of these. 

2. I love this style of Fire King cup and saucer. I have a set of the Blue Bonnie pattern, but have never seen the tulip one. There is a local antique store that carries the Fire King so I need to go check it out. 

1. And my all time favorite tulip item that is on my wish list, the Black Tulip Pyrex pattern.


Terri D. said...

The tulips are all lovely! My favorite is the daisy, but tulips speak Spring!!


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