Top 10 Tuesday

Today I am showing my Top 10 favorite Easter/Spring craft ideas I saw on Pinterest. Some of these will be good for my Sunday School kids. And some are ones I would like to make for home. 

I want to make a few of these to sit around my house. They look super easy and fun to make.

I am think we need an Easter part for Sunday School class and let the kids make these little cups. we could fill them with jelly beans or Smarties. 

These stuffed bunnies are just too cute. They would be adorable sitting in my living room in a little Easter basket.

Plastic spoons, a clay flower pot and a little paint.

The kids would love making these. Especially the girls. 

Now, these are just too adorable. I need a small pastel Pyrex dish to fill with these "eggs" to set in the kitchen.

We strung eggs last year and made a wreath. I think this year we will do some garland and decorate the room if Missy wants to.

Love it! I am all about using paper plates for crafts. Twenty plates for a buck at the Dollar Tree.

How cute is this. The only thing I can figure is that they have used bunny Peeps as a "sponge" in glitter paint. I think it would be cute to pre-print a 4 x 6 photo on an 8 x 10 paper and print the Hanging with My Peeps. The pic will be of all the kids in class together and then we can sponge paint around the picture. How cute would that be. Something they could keep for years. 

If there is something my SS Kids love it is anything that involves pipe cleaners. And I love anything to do with felt so this is a perfect combo for class. 

Have an awesome Tuesday. 


Terri D. said...

I will need to revisit a couple of these!! Very cute ideas and I thank you for sharing them!!


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