Trading Pyrex

I belong to several vintage kitchen trade groups on Facebook. One of my favorites is Pyrex 4 Trade. I have scored some really good trades in there in the past. I did a couple of trades last week and one of them arrived yesterday. I love coming home and having a box awaiting me. 

It's feels like Christmas or my birthday when I get a goody in the mail. She had it packaged real good.

I unwrapped the Saran wrap and found a ton of bubble wrap. Which I recycle. The first rule of trading is to keep whatever packing material you receive. It saves money when you do your next trade.

I was so excited to unwrap my yellow Pyrex cake pan. It's beautiful.

It is the same size as my green one I got last summer. Finally, a set of them. Now I can bake a two layer cake using my Pyrex. I can't wait.  

I still have two items left to trade, but haven't had any takers yet. Does anyone need the Pyrex Old Orchard casserole dish. I am looking for a trade. 

The only other item I am trading is a true opal round casserole. I have debated on this one, but I have nothing else opal so I decided to trade that as well. 

But if they don't trade, I will just keep them in my collection.

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Terri D. said...

No Pyrex in my kitchen, but I know you have fun collecting! I think my grandma used to have some, but have no idea who got her kitchen stuff.