Valentine's Craft Projects

First, I bought these little dish clothes at Walmart. Three of them for just $1.28 in a package. 

I bought some red burlap at Walmart for just around $2.00. 

I cut hearts out of the burlap. You can free hand them or get a pattern from online. 

I placed the heart on what would be the front once the dish cloth was folded back up. I used fabric glue to glue the burlap on. It dries clear.

Then I cut my other heart out of some polka dot material I had and ironed it on with Wunder Under.

I glued a little piece of ribbon and a button. 

I made one for me, Mom, and my sister.

I hung mine on my kitchen rack and moved some pink and red items to that shelf to get the Valentine's theme going on. 

I am very pleased with the results. 

I also created this picture frame I had found on Pinterest. You will recognize the dotted material and the red burlap. I bought the frame from Walmart for .97 cents and the ribbon for .31 cents. So this was a cheap and easy project. And printed the little vintage card tag from off the internet.

It looks cute in my office with my other pink items. 


Leslie said...

Adorable!!! I think I may do that on some throw pillows. Thank you for the idea. : )

Rachel said...

I love my new dish towel! Thanks so much!

Terri D. said...

Wow! Very cute and so creative! I can copy, but I would never have thought that those plain towels could be made to look so festive! Awesome!