Weekend wrap up

First, just let me say I am so sick of wind! It has been that bone chilling, knock you back a step, freeze your face off cold wind for the past week or more and I for one am over it.

Saturday, we had a baby shower for a dear friend from church. A special thank you to one of the partners, Ms. Jama, for the awesome decorating job. She is very talented and the shower turned out really good.

After the shower, I went to the grocery store and headed home to veg out the rest of the night. Sunday was Sunday School and church. In SS Class we made googly eyed Valentine's people. The kids gave me one to bring home.

After church, I fixed me some assorted cheese and crackers with some apples dipped in caramel for dessert. Most of the afternoon, I spent working on a Thirty-One order and trying to decide what I wanted to order for myself! I know I want a new zipper pouch and I think it will be in the Teal Mod Dot. I'm going to have it personalized with SS Crafts. I'm not sure what else I want.

I went back to church last night. We started a study on Christian Beliefs. It was really interesting. I can't wait to go back again next week. 

I stopped and got Burger King for our supper. Then I just relaxed and watched TV till bed time. It was a very good weekend.

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Terri D. said...

The baby shower decorations are so cute!! You had a busy weekend! Nice that you were given a valentine to take home! So cute.