Dress shopping

I am not a dress person anymore. Back in "the day" when I was younger and slimmer, I wore dresses constantly. Now I prefer a matching skirt and top if it has to be a "dress". But basically it is normally capris and a dressy top. But this summer I am attending a conference that will require I dress up a little and I know from past photos that the majority of the attendees (over 10,000 women) wear dresses.

July is a long way away, but I am very picky about being comfortable and if I am going to wear a dress it is going to take me awhile to find exactly what I want. My daughter is very fashionable so I am appointing her my fashionista shopping expert to help me find an ensemble. She is all A-line dresses or Empire Waists and all kinds of fashion language that is beyond me. She sent me some idea by Facebook, but I couldn't get them to save so I started my own browsing based on instruction from her on what I need. So here we go with the fashion show so far, I would love to hear your thoughts.

empire waist purple ruched lace cap sleeve sequins cocktail dress

Plus Jessica Taylor Short Sleeve Poly Knit Maxi Dress - Venus

As you can see by the varied looks of the dresses, it will probably involve new shoes as well, since I am the queen of flip flops in the summer. So I am thinking something a little dressy with a low-medium heel.

Womens Montego Bay ClubWomen's Windsor Low-Wedge Sling

In addition to the big night, I will be doing a lot of walking during the day from conference session to conference session. I will need to get new comfy tennis shoes, but I will also need some comfy new flip flops to wear when the walking will be shorter distances (I am all about the flip flop) so I think these may be a pair I will want to check out. They look super comfortable.

Womens ChampionWomen's Renew Comfort Flip Flop

Looks like I have a lot of window shopping to do to find what I need over the next 5 or 6 months. 


Kim said...

I re-introduced dresses to my wardrobe last summer. I am now hooked. They are so easy and comfortable and its just one thing to think about. Throw on some chunky jewellery and you're done!

Terri D. said...

Your choices are ALL wonderful! I don't wear dresses anymore, and I can't wear heels with my bad knees, but I would totally wear each dress and each pair of shoes you chose, if I could. You have great taste!!

Mrs. G said...

All very pretty dresses but the third one from the top, would hide a multitude of issues. Looks pretty comfy, too.