Exciting day ahead....

Every other month I get to attend a Celebrate and Connect meeting with all my Thirty-One "sisters". It is something I really look forward to each month. We have a meeting this morning. There is always awesome training and it is great to see all my friends. Not to mention we always get a really cool amenity for attending. I just love freebies.

Last week, I got my start up kit for Avon. I'm turning into a regular Direct Sales gal. Thirty-One is my passion and that will always be what I strive hardest for. But I have certain things I have always used from Avon and every time I need it, my previous Avon lady has quit selling it and I can't find another one for months. So I decided I would just start selling it so I can get what I need...and I'll save money doing that. I just mentioned in passing that I was going to sell it and already have 8 people needing books because they lost their Avon lady. I may even make a little money at this after all.

After my meeting today, I am going to pick up my oldest grandson to spend the night with me. We are having game night. I'm pretty sure we will order pizza and wings for supper. The child loves his wings. But it will just depend on what he's in the mood for.

Tomorrow, at Sunday School the children are going to make some cute Valentine's to present to some special people at church. I got some of the supplies last night, but I just need to decide how to do what I want them to do.

What plans do you have for the day?

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