It started with a little bird....

I have been thinking about re-doing the grandchildren's bedroom. When we moved in and got the day bed, I just used stuff from around the house to decorate each. Bottom line, that meant it was very girly looking since I love girl colors and flowery items. I decided recently it was time to do it in a theme that might be good for boys & girls. I was at a thrift store Saturday and saw this little pull toy for $1.99. It looked vintage, whether it is or not, so I bought it. 

That triggered the idea of decorating the room in brick red and country blue.  So I decided to look around the house to see if I had anything to go with my vintage theme. I found this old set of Russian stacking dolls that I've had over 20 years. A friend of ours was from Russia and she had her parents send them to her as a gift for us. 

I have this clown music box I had received from my family when the kids were little. I think it would look good in the new room. 

I am going to look around for a quilt to put on the day bed. I want something very country looking, but also not gender specific. I saw this one online. It is kind of cute.

I also liked this. 

I want to have a book shelf that I can put some things on they are able to play with. I thought some Rock 'em Sock 'em robots would be cute on the shelf.

And a vintage Barrel of Monkeys.

Maybe I could find some vintage Barbies for the girls. 

I would love to find an old red wagon to keep all the Matchbox cars in.

I can't wait to start hitting the yard sales. 


Terri D. said...

Great ideas and what fun to have things to look for at the garage sales! Please keep us posted about your progress!


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