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Pretty Little Miss M

Last August, my niece had a baby. She is a cutie pie but I had agreed to wait awhile after her birth to start posting pics. I kept waiting for the "OK" from her Mommy. I was talking to her Mommy yesterday and asked if I could have the 'go-ahead' to post pics. We both got a laugh out of the fact that I've been waiting on permission and my niece has been reading my blog every day wondering why I am not posting pics of her baby girl. So without further adieu I present to you...

Pretty Little Miss M the Queen of the Hair Bow World

And my personal favorite, even though there is no bow......

I normally do Top 10 Tuesday but couldn't decide on my favorite 10 pics so I went a little overboard. 


Stephanie G. said...

So cute! Love her Hairbows :)

Phoebes World said...

Oh my gosh shes absolutely adorable. Beautiful pictures ..thank you for sharing
Phoebe x

Rachel said...

That's mamaw's baby girl!! Don't you love those cute little toenails?