Weekend Wrap Up

Friday was an awesome day since one of my customers received her Thirty-One order and we got to oooo and ahhhh and some of the gorgeous stuff that was in it. One of my favorite orders was the new Citrus Medallion and the Sweet Tweets patterns. 

I have two classes in Sunday School that I go from room to room to do the crafts. I needed a new bag for my essentials. When one of the other teaches saw me in the hallway, she said "What do you do hop from room to room to do crafts?" We laughed about it but it gave me this great idea for the personalization on my new zipper pouch....Craft Hopper.

This was all my stuff that will co-ordinate together for church. I love it. 

I went to my Thirty-One C & C meeting Saturday and one of my granddaughters went with me because her Mom had something she needed to do. The only problem was when I go my amenity, Shelby claimed it as hers because it has a slot to put shoes and she takes dance and has three pairs of shoes she has to take with her to dance class.

Saturday night my oldest grandson, Garret, stayed all night and we had game night. He beat me at everything we played. We had an awesome game of Monopoly. 

I was doing pretty good until he got hotels on the yellow properties. I landed on Ventnor and paid for a hotel. I was almost broke and I rolled again and got snake eyes which put me on Marvin Gardens a I went bankrupt,

I did remember to get pics of the new bag for summer before Shelby took it. 

It is really roomy with several inside pockets. 

And the famous outside zipper pocket for shoes.

I got an email from Staples Sunday morning with my rewards points for January. So I decided to stop there on my way home from taking Garret back. I had $11.90 in free money. There total showed $11.40 but when I printed the coupons out, it was $11.90.

I knew what I wanted. I use notebooks a lot for my Thirty-One business and I just love the Martha Stewart line so I got one of the new Martha Stewart three ring binds. 

I got this little note pad to put on my desk at home to job down good things that happen to keep me motivated in my business. 

I got some tab dividers as well. They match the notebook color.

And I picked up a couple of folders that I saw that caught my eye. 

I had a really great weekend. 


Debbie Huffaker said...

Miss Shelby is so pretty. That bag's as big as she is!!! HOPE you have an awesome day!

Terri D. said...

The notebook and folders look they will coordinate quite nicely with your Thirty-One bags & pouches!! Did I ever tell you that I carry a Thirty-one bag to work, everyday? My sister gave it to me, with my name on it. Love, love, love it!! Good stuff!


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