A wonderful trade....

There is an awesome group on Facebook called Pyrex 4 Trade. I have gotten a lot of good trades in there and all it cost is the shipping to send the trade out from my end. I recently traded this piece of Pyrex that I know longer needed.

My trade arrived yesterday. Since I have traded several things lately, I couldn't remember what I traded this for. I ripped into it and was pleased to see how well it was packed. 

I dug through all the peanuts and found tons of bubble wrap protecting whatever goody was in store for me. 

I slowly unpeeled the bubble wrap with delight as I realized what it held.

My two new milk glass vases. I love them. I am putting plants in them for my new office. I am beyond thrilled. I didn't realize the big one would be so big. I love it. My philodendron is going in it. Not sure what I will put in the other one yet. I just know I am very happy with the trade.

I celebrated later last night with a big bowl of vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate syrup and peanuts. 

It was an awesome way to end a Thursday

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Terri D. said...

Your trade was a good one, indeed!! The vases are gorgeous! And so is that yummy ice cream!!