Decisions, decisions, decisions

Last night, I decided to buy a new cover for my cell phone. I have had the same one ever since I bought the phone and it is just plain white. I spent about 90 minutes last night jumping from site to site, comparing prices and looking at patterns. I was overwhelmed. I really wanted something in pink. So this caught my eye. 

But the one I had was white so I really wanted something without the white background. I kept looking and found this one but the picture is so blurry I was afraid to try it. I wasn't sure if it was the picture or the drawing on the case. So I decided to pass on this one. 

So I thought maybe plain pink, but that just didn't feel right either. 

So then I figured oh well I would give up on pink and I saw this one. I kept going back to it. I really like the look of it, but it wasn't pink. So I kept on with my search. 

This appealed to me because I like flowers. But the more I looked at it, I realized I don't like green. And the more I looked at it, I decided it was too "busy".

I finally gave up and went to bed. I got up this morning and decided to take one more look. I scrolled through and saw all the ones above again and still wasn't feeling the love. Then I found this one! 

YES! That is me. I am so into dots right now and it is PINK! I think I'm in love. I ordered it. Just $7.89 with free shipping. Can't beat that. Hope everybody has a great day. 

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