My growing love for UPS

It is such a thrill to see the UPS truck rolling down the hill and stopping at my driveway. My order for the sneak peak of summer items arrived today. I could not be happier.

As much as I wanted to rip into the box, being a blogger I had to document the unveiling. I couldn't wait to see everything.

The first item was the new lunch box they are coming out with for summer. It is a thermal and called the Cool Case Thermal. It will be in four different patterns including a black and a camo for boys/men. I normally don't feel like packing a lunch, but I can guarantee I will be excited to take my lunch now.

The next item was the Cinch Sac in the new Sweet Suits pattern. How adorable is this? This is a perfect back pack for a day at the water park or swimming pool or to take down to the beach.

But my favorite is the Fresh Market Thermal in the new Sunny Stripe pattern. This is awesome for trips to Sam's or Costco to bring back frozen or cold items in. The neat thing about it is that it will also hold a crockpot for easy carrying to those family or social gatherings. This is going to be on the May special for 1/2 off!

One great thing about being a Thirty-One consultant are the deals they offer exclusively to consultants. These products out of the new catalog with the personalization on the lunch box total $95. But in the pre-sale for consultants I got it all for just $31.00! You can't beat a deal like that. 

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Stephanie G. said...

I love the clinch sac! It's adorable!!