I love Saturday's. Today is going to be an exciting one. My Thirty-One meeting is today and I baked lemon cookies with creamy lemon frosting. I hope everyone likes them. I wanted to sprinkle lemon zest on the icing, but I use it in the cookie and in the icing so I didn't have enough to sprinkle on. 

All of our meeting are fun because it's a great group of women who know how to enjoy life. But today will be especially a blast because it is the premier of the new summer catalog and we will get to see the new line of products and patterns. We got a sneak peak of some of them for the April special.

They always allow us opportunities to earn new products and to purchase a few new items to add to our kit. I have already ordered my add on kit, but won't learn until today what is in it. We also have an opportunity to earn free products with as little as $300 in sales over the next two weeks. We will find out what those products are today.

It is going to be a great day!

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Terri D. said...

Those are great products. I have several, thanks to my sister! I carry the tote to work, every day.