Yesterday was Administrative Assistant's Day

Yesterday was Administrative Assistant's Day. Some bosses would have bought cards for their assistants and secretaries. 

Some would have given a gift of chocolates.

Perhaps some may have even bought a cake to celebrate the day.

And some generous bosses may even have given his staff each a $50 gift certificate to Kohl's.

And if you worked in my office, our wonderful boss and his wife gave all the women in our office all of the above. 

On top of that, we were bought lunch from Zaxby's. 

It was an awesome day. Thank you Eric and Stephanie. We appreciated every minute of it. 


Terri D. said...

Now that is a great place to work. Isn't it nice to feel appreciated?!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm well,our boss forgot! Back in the day, I got flowers, lunches, etc.... and then the economy tanked and now... nothing...


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