An easy, delicious cake with 2 ingredients

Hubby saw an easy cake on Pinterest that he wanted me to make for him. It only has two ingredients. Angel food cake mix and pie filling. The original recipe called for apples but when we went to the store he saw this new pie filling called Peaches & Cream by Lucky Leaf.

And of course, I picked out Duncan Hines for the cake mix. I won't use anything but Duncan Hines. The cakes are so moist.

I gathered the two ingredients with my favorite vintage Pyrex mixing bowl and preheated my oven to 350°. 

I dumped in the cake mix.

I opened the pie filling. By the way, if you need a good hand can opener, you need to get one from Pampered Chef. I have had mine for four years. I ended up doing away with my electric one because this one is so awesome.

I dumped the pie filling in the bowl.

I used my mixer to get it stirred together really good till all the cake mix was mixed in well with the pie filling. Keep in mind this was creamy pie filling so the texture is a little different than what an apple pie filling would be.

I poured it in my pan and baked it for 25 - 30 minutes. 

It turned out a nice golden brown so I let it cool.

And this was the finished product. It was divine. I'm making him the apple one this weekend. 


ThrifterSisters said...

I have wanted to try that recipe forever. It's so easy that I'm not sure what my hold up has been. Glad to see that yours turned out!


Terri D. said...

I make that one with crushed pineapple! Peach sounds really good too. The Angel Food mix is really versatile!


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