Projects in my future...

I was at a friends house yesterday for our annual yard sale. In her beach room, she had this cute frame with real shells inserted into little insets in the frame. My daughter-in-law just gave me some beautiful shells for the beach room I am decorating for the grandchildren. I saw this and thought "I could do that if I could find a frame." 


When I went back out to our yard sale, I discovered this frame that my friend was selling. I snatched it up. I had some craft supplies for sale and had these paint brushes and this blue paint. Guess I will be making a sea shell picture this week. I want to get some scrapbook paper that is either sand or sea background for each square. 


I bought a striped comforter and then found this anchor material. The comforter is for the day bed in the beach room and the anchor material is going to be for some throw pillows. 


While getting ready for our yard sale, I found these kitchen towels and bread cloths that I had bought last year. I want to do some appliques for various holidays on these. 


It's good to get the "I wanna craft" mood back again. Stay tuned for results of my projects in the upcoming weeks.

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