Mid Week Update

I have started back making my plastic canvas coasters. I have given away just about every one I have made. This just took an hour. 

I need to get some of this yellow yarn and make my daughter some Minions. She loves them. 

I came home the other day and I had a box in my chair on the porch. 

I was excited because I knew what it was going to be. I loved how much packing was used to ensure it arrived safely.

When I took the top layer of packing out, she had enclosed this sweet little card. 

I couldn't wait to unlayer all the bubble wrap.

And more bubble wrap....

And finally, the moment I had been waiting on....My Pyrex trade had arrived. It is the golden acorn space saver. I am in love. I have wanted this for so long and all it cost was the shipping for the trade. 

It is now residing in its new space and I think it looks pretty good sitting there. Thank you Diana from the Pyrex 4 Trade Facebook group. 

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