VBS - A week in review

We had a fabulous VBS with an average of about 300 kids per night. We had a lot of souls saved and saw a lot of growth in these children. Here are some of my fave pics of the week. We will star off with a couple of boys I had in Children's church for a couple of years. They are a couple of characters.  

Showing off some dance moves.

A bunch of our silly girls. They are a fun group.

Say "Cheese".


I loved watching these two do the music.

A very dear friend with two of my grandchildren.

Shelby and Tanner. Best buddies this past week. 

Our four year old class.

Some of the kindergarten kids.

This little boy comes with his grandparents. He has adopted me and calls me Mammy B. 

Some of the kids having fun. 

These teachers were making sure to stand way back during the water balloon fights. 

Our famous train. The kids love to ride the train.

Taking a quick break before heading in for music.

My grandson and my friend exchanging texts so they could add each other to their phones.

It is a tradition at our church to walk with Bubble Faces and Duck Tales to may sure we don't disturb other classes. These girls loved doing the Bubble Faces.

Of course some of our teachers loved it too.

Some of our kitchen crew. Probably the hardest workers at VBS.

Hanging out between sessions.

This couple has three kids 4 years old and under. Caught them enjoying a rare moment with no children.

The popcorn and snow cone crew. My personal favorites.

Our dedicated leader. This was her first year in charge of VBS and she did an outstanding job. Everything flowed smoothing. Thank you Tracey for making this an awesome VBS.

One tuckered out little cutie.

Working on our songs for family night.

I don't know where they got all their energy.

Mr. Zack wanted his picture saluting the flag. He is a very sweet boy. 

On stage during family night. 

This is K through 6 grades. We had a lot of kids and a lot of fun.

Shelby (r) and her best friend Megan (l). They have been in Sunday School, Children's Church and VBS together since they started walking. 

As you can tell, we had a fun week. 


Terri D. said...

What a great VBS!! 300 kids per day is amazing. Love seeing the photos. You are awesome!

Rachel said...

Looks like you had fun!