A little crafting time....

I have so many craft ideas and I never seem to get make TAKE the time to do them. But that changes this fall. I did make some things for Halloween last year, but not as much as I wanted. I had fun making this pinwheels and chalk board last fall. 

This was inspired from a blog and a sign I saw in Gatlinburg. I made the sign from a chalkboard at Walmart and made the pinwheels from supplies at the local scrapbook store. The witch came from the Dollar Tree

And I tried my hand a no-sew runners, which by the way were super easy and I made a ton of them for several occasions. need to do some more.

My fall no sew table runner. Made with Hem tape

Now it's time to find some new ideas for this year. I saw this on Pinterest and loved it, but I just could not find the directions for it. I am going to search You Tube for a video on making paper flowers. 

And oh my gosh, how cute is this. This may be my first project since I have everything I need to make it. 

This isn't a craft but how adorable would these be for a party. Love it!


And I absolutely fell in love with these. So simple to make. 

Another super easy craft idea. Most of these ideas I have stuff in my craft supply closet to make them with.

I have seen these before. You could do them with thread or yarn.

I think this is so cute. I may have to try it for the front porch.

This is a random assortment of items you can just put faces on and have a cute little display.

And my final thing for the day is not a craft, but I had to get chocolate in here somewhere. I stumbled on this when looking for Halloween ideas...and oh my gosh it looks good. A skillet style Smore.


Rachel said...

I love the s'mores in a skillet idea! I bought me nine different patterns for stitching on tea towels for this fall when I was ready. We'll, I'm ready and I cannot for the life of me find them!!! I hate when that happens! 😕

Terri D said...

I love the cats in the pumpkin! All your photos are full of fun, though! Love your new look here!!