Crafting for Christmas

Yesterday, Halloween crafting and today Christmas. Mom is redoing her Christmas tree this year and wants to hand make some ornaments. Trust me, this is the time of year to get started on making any Christmas crafts. I always wait too late and never get them made. I went to Pinterest to get her some ideas and ended up getting some ideas for myself. Here are just a few of the things I am planning to work on for the little tree I put in my home office/craft room. These birds would be so simple and I already have burlap and jute string. I am sure I have little black buttons and may even have a small amount of red felt. 

This is a simple idea. Just tie up some pretty Christmas material or solid material and tie it around a styrofoam ball with a pretty ribbon.

How cute is he? And because he is whimsical it doesn't have to be perfect. 

I absolutely love music and especially Christmas music. This would be adorable. 

Talk about simple, just lots of round circle glued together. 

Okay now, this is absolutely, positively the cutest thing I have ever seen. Just roll little yarn balls and add a hook holder (which we always end up with in the bottom of the Christmas ball box). Stick a couple of beads on the ends of toothpicks and wahlah...you have miniature knitting needles. How cute is this for a tree in a craft room. I am in love. I have all the stuff to make these so I am going to get started on it this weekend. 

Simple, easy, precious little reindeer heads.

Oh. My. Gosh! Could it get any easier. I have twigs. I have ribbons. Another perfect project. 

These look a little bit more complicated, but I think I could do them. We will just have to wait and see.

Simple. Wouldn't even need directions. 

I am in love with these little guys. 

And oh my gosh! I love making paper chains. But I never once thought of using Christmas scrapbook paper to make one to go around my craft tree. 

Talk about easy and a big variety. Another one for a cool fall even project. 

Now I am mad at all the vintage cookie cutters I have past over this year at yard sales because I don't make cookies that require cutting. I knew I should have bought that back of 20 cookie cutters for .50 cents a few weeks ago. 

Well, I think I need to get started if I am going to complete these projects before Christmas. 


Rachel said...

Those are some good ideas. Mom should find something in all of that. I love all the snowman ideas!

Terri D said...

Each one you chose is adorable! Good luck with your crafting! Keep us posted with photos, please!