Weekend wrap up...

It was a great weekend and yes I do realize I am doing my weekend wrap up on hump day. I installed Microsoft Office 365 and it deleted my picture manager. I had stuff to share and it has taken me a couple of days to be able to edit the pictures so they weren't so huge. But I'm happy to announce I solve the problem.  I actually made it to some yard sales this past weekend. Don't laugh, but one of the first things I grabbed was a T.P. stand. I hate where the wall one is located and it is so awkward. I love this.

And I am a sucker for a Homer McLaughlin platter. I am going to buy one every time I see it. Especially for .50 cents. 

As you know, I love vintage stuff. This canister had some vibrant colors. I am going to use it to hold stuff in my craft room. 

I am also a sucker for small unique pitchers. This was just a quarter so I snatched it up. 

I love tins and I just fell in love with this heart shaped one. 

It goes good with the red one I already had that I keep Hershey Kisses in. Since I have two now does it mean I officially collect heart shaped tins? We'll see.

When I got home from the yard sales, I saw this on the porch. 

The remainder of my amenities from my Thirty-One conference arrived. I was thrilled. 

I got the new 24/7 Case in the new plum Chevron pattern. 

And the new Sling Back Bag in plum plaid. 

And the big new Bleacher Blanket in Spirit Black. 

And the thing every consultant loves to get....a pack of the new fall catalog. 

Add all those to the amenities I received while I was there...

Like the Timeless Memory pouches in Penguin Party and Red Chevron....

The new Keep it Tote in Black Chevron.....

And the set of Oh Snap! bins....

....and now you know why I love working for Thirty-One. That's a lot of freebies. The total value of all this free stuff was from Thirty-One is $185.00. Am I happy?  Oh yeah!

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Terri D said...

You always find the best stuff at thrift stores!! I should stop in more often down here, but I really don't need more stuff!! I could turn my house into a thrift store, I think.

31 is a great company, and the products are amazing. You really got some great incentives!!