A surprise yard sale yesterday...

I haven't been checking for yard sales lately. So I was surprised when a friend told me about one in her neighborhood. I had been to one at that house before and always found something I liked. I told another friend about it so we ran over to it to see what we could find. With the holidays coming up, I am looking for new cookie and candy ideas. I found this book for just .75 cents. I am a sucker for dessert recipe books so I couldn't resist. 

I collect milk glass so for just .10 cents I wasn't going to leave this there....even though I don't where I am going to use it. 

But my favorite find of the day was something I have been looking for. I wanted an old fashioned powder dish for my bathroom. I have scoured antique stores and couldn't find one. The yard sale had one for $2.00. It was Avon so I figured it wasn't really old. Turns out it was 1970's Avon so that makes it 44 years old which in my collectible world I consider that vintage. However, when I realize I was in high school in the '70's it doesn't make me very happy to consider that vintage. But I am very, very happy with my powder dish.

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Terri D said...

You are a magnet for great finds and great deals!! Wow.