One year ago tonight....

I waited until tonight to do this post for a reason. I wanted to show you what I saw exactly one year ago today.....a harvest moon. We sat on the balcony and literally watched it rise from the ocean like the sun normally does. It was awesome to see.

Then I woke up the next morning and saw the sun was starting to come up so I grabbed my camera to watch the progress.

The colors of the sky were ever changed as the sun started climbing.

Reds, golds, oranges all across a sea of blue.

Then the sun burst through and you could see the yellow ball.

As soon as it got completely up, I went down to the beach and sat in my chair and read most of the day. It was one of the most relaxing vacation days I had ever spent. It's been a year since I've been back. I am so ready to go again.


Terri D said...

Those are absolutely beautiful photos! What a wonderful site to see and cherish!

Linda said...

Such beautiful pictures! I love the beauty of God's creation!

Thanks so much for sharing!!!