Keeping it among friends and family....

So I went to a yard sale over Labor Day with my friend, Stevie. I picked up these two vintage spice jars....just because. Had no idea where to display them or what to do with them.

A few weeks later and I decided to put them up for trade. Yesterday, I met with Jess, Stevie's aunt who wanted to trade. I traded her for a Pyrex 471 Butterprint. Then things started snowballing. It happened so fast that I'm not sure if I traded for a white or a blue Butterprint. But whatever it was didn't stay with me for long.

About 25 minutes after I traded with Jess, Stevie saw what i traded. This happens to be her main pattern she collects and she didn't have this one. So she asked me if I would like to swap. Well, we went to her "spare Pyrex" closet and she had the 401 in my Shenandoah pattern. So I agreed to swap for that.

The problem was, she had the 402 and 403 to go with it. I wanted them really bad as well. She also love black and white Pyrex so I thought it over and asked if she would like my barbed wire for the two remaining Shenandoah bowls.

That just tells you how bad I wanted that set of Shenandoah, because it took me forever to find the barbed wire. But I see it everywhere now so I can replace it some day if I decide to. She said yes to the trade so now I am the proud owner of this set of lovelies.

So now I went from a couple of spice jars to a set of one of my favorite patterns of mixing bowls. The funny part is that my initial investment was $2.00 and I ended up with three mixing bowls. Happy dance.


Terri D said...

You are good at this game, aren't you!!? Awesome!

Liz said...

I would say thats a heck of a great trade! I have never seen 3 of those patterned pyrex together. I have a full set of those spice jars. A prized possesion I purchased over 20 years ago. Thanks for sharing the great pictures of the pyrex!

Rachel said...

Great trade!


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