Some fun finds this past week...

On our recent trip to the beach, we did a little shopping. I found this cute little sail boat to hang in my beach bathroom on the peg shelf. 

As I was packing, I found this coaster I had started last year so I took the yarn with me and finished it on this past trip. Ready for hot chocolate.

I had found some beautiful jewel tone yarn. I have a friend who loves to play rummy and she had mentioned her card box was tearing up. So I used the new yarn to make her box.

These boxes only take a couple of hours to make. They are so relaxing.

My big find of the trip was Pyrex. Of course, I had to drag hubby antiquing one day. He laughed and said that only I would go all the way to the beach and come home with Pyrex. I got this 403 bowl.

And the matching 401 bowl. 

Which was awesome because I had the 402. Now I just need the 404 in the color of the middle one and I'll have my whole set. 

We stopped in an Old Time Pottery while we were there. I picked up these 3 items to decorate with fall. All 3 together were just over $7.00 and that included tax. 

But the fun finds didn't stop there. I came home to find my Thirty-One order had arrived and my daughter had left it on my couch. I am loving my new purse. It is a skirt purse so I can change the skirt any time I want to whatever other patterns I decide to get.

I got the matching mini-zipper pouch as well with my famous B. I'm as bad as Laverne of Laverne and Shirley with her big L on everything.

But my favorite of all was the new tote bag for my laptop that I got for FREE! I am loving this even though it is HUGE.

There are tons of pockets, but one thing that makes it so awesome is it has this little snap and a zipper on both sides.

Just unzip it turn it over and zip it back up and you have a whole new bag. 

Guess you can tell I had some great finds this week.

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