Weekend wrap up

I was in the mood to get my office better organized. I use it for Thirty-One, a craft room, and my sewing room. Organization has become very disorganized. I moved furniture around, but I'm not done with the new look yet so pictures will follow soon. I did some discount shopping at Family Dollar this weekend and found this set of cubes. 

I also picked up these little red organizing baskets. 

While I was at Joann's Saturday, I picked up some more yarn to make my little ornaments for my craft room tree. Some of my friends and I are gathering next Saturday for a craft party and I needed to get some supplies for the crafts. 

I have been looking for red and blue spatulas for my kitchen Christmas display. I found these and just had to have them. I had a 50% coupon so together I only paid a little over $3.00.

When we craft, we are going to make Christmas no sew runners so I picked up some material.

I am not sure what I am putting on these, but I picked up these tea towels for some primitive stitching.

I found some cute Christmas scrapbook paper on clearance. I have some project ideas in mind for these. 

I liked these as well. I think the top one will be used for my Jingle All The Way craft.

Now to finish getting organized.

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Terri D said...

You never stop, do you?!! I wish I had you energy and your creativity!