When one thing leads to another....

Last night was one of those "chain of events" nights that start out with a "I was just thinking...." and ends with a "How did that happen?" 

Hubby and I met up after work to go to the store. We had a hard time deciding on supper. We got a new desktop computer earlier this week and I sat down to give it a whirl after supper. Hubby mentioned he had written down some new recipes the other day when he was online. That triggered the issue of our printer being in my home office, but since I love the new big screen computer, I spend more time on it. 

That led to a discussion that I wish the printer was in the living room. Which led to a discussion about wishing we had a stand or table it would fit on. Which led to a discussion about a little table in my office that holds a small TV I never watch. Do you see where this conversation is headed? Yes, the printer ended up in the living room beside the desk and hooked up to the new computer. Which also led to us moving my file basket into the living room to hold paper and labels for printing. 

Now I was left with my little TV that I never watch and nothing for it to set on. Which led to the discussion that the TV in kids room is slowly going out and we are going to eventually get a new one for their room. Which made me decide to go ahead and move the small one from my office to their room so I could get rid of the big one they had that is starting to make weird noises and we have to unplug it when it is not in use. So that led to me moving everything off their TV to replace it with my office one.

So after all that, we were ready to relax and I sat BACK down at the computer and we went back to talking about recipes...which led to a discussion about he saw a divided Fiesta ware plate on something that had three sections for eating. He really liked it and he said that got him to thinking and he wondered if we could find any vintage plates that were divided. 

Well, since I was already at the computer, I just typed in Vintage divided plates. And lo and behold, some popped up on Ebay and guess what? They were PYREX!!!


And to make it even better, this is a pattern that I already have a platter and a bowl in. 

So guess what I ended up ordering. You're right. The three plates. It was just $5 for the set. Just gotta love a night that starts out with plans to totally relax and veg out and ends up with a furniture being rearranged and Pyrex being ordered.

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Rachel said...

I need that fiestaware divided plate for my collection. I haven't seen one of those before. I like that color too.