Looking ahead...

As we go from Thanksgiving into Christmas, I need to change my blog template. I think this is the one I am going to use. I will probably do it tonight or in the morning. Today is Black Friday and I am heading out soon to do some shopping.

Free Holiday Christmas Blog Template for Blogger

While I am out, I will be stopping at some Christmas tree lots to check out what is available. I love a real tree.

I hope Walmart has wreaths and small poinsettias on sale again this year. I used to pay $20 for my real wreath at Christmas. Picking one up for $4.48 makes me a lot happier. I need to get me 3 or 4 of these little poinsettias so I hope they have the .88 cent ones like they normally have. 

We are considering the possibility of an electric fireplace this year. Our house is a little drafty and we currently just use a space heater in the living room, but I would much prefer to have one of these beauties. I am going to compare prices and then we will decide.

Sumner Corner Media Fireplace, Brown

One thing I know we are getting is a new TV for the living room. One with a DVD player. We found one we liked at Sam's. Another one of those "we will decide later" items. 

Well, I will be heading out today for some major shopping and lunch with my daughter-in-law. Tomorrow will be more shopping with my daughter. I save up for this weekend and try to get as much done as possible. Whether you are a shopaholic or just prefer to veg out all day, I hope you have an awesome weekend.

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Terri D said...

We bought a new TV at Sam's and are calling it our "big" Christmas present to ourselves this year. No need for a fireplace here in Florida, but that one in the picture is very nice! Keep us posted! Have fun shopping!!