Mom's cute trees

Mom has put up her Christmas tree. She has decided to downsize this year. In her dining room, she put this 3' tree and decorated it with traditional ornaments, beads and a gorgeous angel on the top. 

In the living room, she put up a 4' tree. She decided to make some homemade ornaments for her tree this year. I see some stockings, some yo-yo wreaths and some snowmen that she made. I just adore this little tree. Her ornaments are just so cute. 

And when she turns the lights on, it is just gorgeous.  

Thanks, Mom, for letting me share. 


Leslie said...

Awwww ... so cute!!! I can't wait to start decorating!!!!

Terri D said...

Downsizing is a good thing, I think! We are scaling back this year, too. Her trees are both lovely!


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