The Month of Thanks

November is making herself known today as she arrives with snow. This is very unprecedented for our area, but they were calling for up to a foot on top of Mount LeConte in the Great Smoky Mountains. We are starting to see some flurries down here, but nothing is sticking at my house. My son lives on the other side of the country and someone from that area posted this picture on the news channel this morning. 


I am going turkey hunting this morning...in a store...for a stuffed turkey. A toy one that is. Bass Pro has this one if I don't find one I like better. 

Why do I need a stuffed turkey? Because, I have so much fun during Christmas with Edgar, my version of Elf on the Shelf that I have decided to have Trevor, the Turkey on the Table. I hope I can find a cute one and can't wait to see what mischief he will get into.

This is the month of giving thanks. Today, I give thanks to my almighty God who provides us with the ever changing weather in East Tennessee. I love all the seasons and there is something special about each one. But you have to find the humor in wearing flip flops on Wednesday and breaking out winter coats on Saturday.

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Terri D said...

We are a bit chilly, here in central Florida, today. I look forward to hearing more about that ornery turkey! :)