Weekend wrap up....

It was an awesome weekend. Saturday morning started off with picking up Alexis and Colby to spend the weekend with me. When we were getting ready to leave, my son came home with a big 9 point buck he had just gotten. They love deer meat and all I can say is to each their own. Of course, I only ate deer meat one time and nobody told me what I was eating. I must admit it was good.

I took the grandkids and headed out to the shop. First stop was Toys-R-Us. Colby had to check out the four-wheeler. 

They got to meet Geoffrey at Toys-R-Us and thought that was pretty cool, even if he didn't have much personality. He was a little bland. Alexis walked away and said "He needs to learn to be a little big more animated." Guess her trip to Disney this summer set the precedence.

Afterwards, we went to the mall for lunch at Chik-Fil-A. They wanted to stop in the play area so we did that for a little while.

And I can't pass up the little rides without letting the kids enjoy them. Colby told me he was Tennessee Vol and he was driving this Gator back to the Florida stadium. If you live in Vol country or our a Vol fan, you would find the humor in that.

Next we headed to Walmart to get a ham for Thanksgiving. Hubby took care of getting the turkey. 

On Sunday, we had Thanksgiving dinner for the kids in Children's church and everybody wore Pilgrim or Indian hats. Alexis's feather kept flopping over so she fixed that by bending them under. 

After church, we just went home and vegged out all afternoon. I took them home about 3:30 and then headed straight back to go to choir. It was a great weekend.


Terri D said...

I love the photos. The kids are precious! You were definitely busy!! Thanks for the update!

Liz said...

Its always a great weekend with the grands around isn't it? Congrats to your son on his buck!