A busy day ahead....

It is going to be a busy day today. My daughter and I have some last minute shopping to do. This will be our first "no kids" shopping day in months. We are both very excited. I went over my list and checked it twice...and three times...and four..... I want to make sure I get everything that is still on it. This is not unusual for us as there is always those last minute gifts we need to pick up.

I have several things that I need to find at Target. I've checked the website and the store we are going to has what I need.

We are going to make a dash through the West Town Mall. Several stores in there are good places to find what I'm looking for on two of my items.

We normally do Steak-n-Shake on our Christmas shopping trips, but with the busy day we have planned I think it may be a drive-thru in our future for lunch today.

Well, my list is ready and I'm looking forward to the day. Hope you have an awesome Saturday.


Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, you brave women!!! ;-) HOPE you find everything you're looking for today.....it's gonna be a madhouse out there!


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