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Did you miss me?

Life is full right now. Still trying to get ready for Christmas and keep up with all my obligations. I missed blogging totally yesterday. Time just got away from me. But I did finally get my living room decorated and my tree up. I love an old fashioned tree with tinsel (garland) and icicles. 

My mom made me this adorable Christmas runner for my birthday. I love it. 

I got my new soup bowl from Pampered Chef. I broke it in with ice cream though instead of soup. 

I also got some Pampered Chef recipe cards that I can't wait to try. 

I'll have more updates later in the week. But for now, have a happy Tuesday...what's left of it!


Terri D said...

Your tree looks beautiful! I love the old fashioned garlands and tinsel, too. I also love Pampered Chef products and recipes! Haven't been to a party in a long time.