Family time....

Christmas has come and gone and I have another year of wonderful memories with my family. They came over on Christmas eve and we had a  wonderful time. I thought I would share some pics with you. I love my family and am truly blessed with two children and their spouses and five beautiful grandchildren.

Caleb normally doesn't like his picture made and a smile is very rare when you snap one. But he asked me if I was sending it to Mamaw Helen and when I said yes, I got an actual pose for the pic.

Bosom buddies. Alexis and Shelby are so close and they get a long so good. There is something special about a bond between girl cousins.

Watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas cartoon.

My daughter Diana and her husband Michael. They are the parents of Caleb & Shelby.

My son Chris and his wife Jamie. They are the parents of Garret (setting beside his mom), Alexis and Colby. 

A good smile from Garret. Again, because I told him it was for Mamaw Helen. I'm printing these Saturday to send to Mom.

The four youngest grandchildren: (l - r) Alexis, Colby, Caleb and Shelby. Watching some funny cartoon. 

The boys after they ate too much. They made it as far as the couch.

Everybody loved their gifts and we had an awesome time unwrapping them. There were some moments of sheer joy that let me know I picked the right thing to get. 

Our little man. He is a rascal. Watching him open his electric football was a blast. He was so surprised and when he saw what it was he grinned from ear to ear and said "Oh my goodness!" It was priceless.

Caleb was so pleased with his new hoodie that he put it right on. 

Everybody seemed to have a great time. 

I miss them all so much when they leave, but I am blessed to have them all living in the same county so I get to see them throughout the year.

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Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, my word how your grandbabies are all getting so grown up! Doesn't that make you a bit sad? I know it does me! I still love the fact that Sam will still sit on my lap....I told him I didn't want him to ever outgrow my lap! Glad you had such an awesome CHRISTmas!