It's Christmas Eve!!

Gifts are wrapped an under the tree. I need to bake my chocolate cake, lemon 7-up cake, no bake oatmeal cookies and snickerdoodles. Some good family time later today. I can't wait. Hope to get another pic of all of us together to see how much they have all grown since last year.

We had our office Christmas party yesterday. It was an ugly sweater party. We had a blast. The boss and his wife really got into the spirit of things. She even did the poofy hair and fake eye lashes to add to her outfit for the day. It was a hoot.

The staff all dressed for the day...some more so than others. Me and the two other ladies wore appropriate Christmas decor but we just don't like to get our photos taken.

The boss's mother-in-law came over with the grandbabies. I loved her sweater.

We had a ton of good food. 

And our own little Christmas tree.

 Adam won the trophy for the ugliest Christmas sweater. I can assure you he does not dress like this on a regular basis. He is normally very well attired. Just shows you how far he will go to win the trophy.

We did a food gift exchange. I got a yard of Christmas cookies.  

We also got gifts from the boss and his wife. They got us awesome purses monogrammed with our initials. 

A mini-zipper pouch each with our initial on it.

And a stocking full of goodies.

We even had a gingerbread man in an ugly Christmas sweater. 

Byron brought his banjo and played for us. The kids were dancing and having a blast.

It was a great way to end work before two days off for Christmas. I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas eve.

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Terri D said...

What fun!!!! Thanks for sharing all the joy!