Manicure Mania

I am 57 years old and have worn nail polish on my nails just about every day of my life since I was in 8th grade. It is one of my obsessions. At one time, I owned over 80 bottles of nail polish. I don't have near that much now, but I am always on the hunt for new colors.

But in all those years, I have never once had a full blown manicure done. I went to a nail salon one time in my life and just had them paint them red for Christmas. Nothing fancy. It just cost me $3.00. Then I thought what a waste of three bucks when I could do my own.

However with all the new manicure "themes" I am seriously debating treating myself to a birthday present and getting my nails done for Christmas...not fake nails, just a fancy mani. So I did what I do best when I have a thought...I went to Pinterest. Here are some of my favorite Christmas manicures.

I love 4 solid and 1 glittery...for any occasion.

Sparkly Red Nails

Since I love red and white together and I love candy canes, this might be cute to do.

. | See more at http://www.nailsss.com/... | See more nail designs at http://www.nailsss.com/nail-styles-2014/

I love snowmen, but just don't think I could handle blue nails all of Christmas. These might be a cute January theme.

Perfect nails!!!!

This is basic but simple. I really like the sparkle.

This subtle yet sparkly mani is so chic for a #bride! #bridalbeauty #nails

I do like the snowflakes on the red.

#Christmas #Manicures -- 8 Red and Green Nail Treatments

I like this, but would go with red instead of gray. Maybe a burgundy to match Rudolph's nose.

christmas by botanicnails #nail #nails #nailart

Of course, I could order some Jamberry nails. I am adoring this set.

And look at the wide variety of Christmas selections.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Stay tuned....

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Terri D said...

All cute ideas! My neighbor, who is on a cruise this week, got snowmen on her toes, for the cruise. Very cute!! Only in Florida (or the tropics) can you put a snowman on your toenails and then wear sandals in December to show him off! LOL

I rarely wear nail polish. It just chips off (unless I get gel). I am too hard on my hands.