That crazy elf...

Where has December gone? I can't believe we are just one week away from Christmas. Usually by this time I can mark off several items from my list. But this year...I haven't even MADE my list yet. Do I have everything bought for gifts?  No, I don't. Do I have my baking started? No, I haven't even started thinking about what to bake. I didn't get my tree finished until December 7th, which is so NOT like me at all. But as I was unpacking my garland, who did I find? Edgar the Elf. I had looked everywhere for him and I am still not sure how he got in the garland. 

He's been pretty quiet...until last night. When I came home and found him riding my reindeer and visiting with Santa I knew trouble was a brewin'.

I was going through my bedroom and caught him sliding down the wrapping paper like he was on a jungle gym.

When he got done, he tried some type of gymnastic move to get out of the box. 

Somehow he took a tumble and ended up right smack in the middle of a bag of gifts I need to wrap.

Next thing I knew, he was snooping to see if anything was in there for him. I had to take him in the other room to keep him from getting himself into trouble. 

Hubby and I were going over our list of what I need to bake for the holidays. I went to get my recipe box and that pesky elf had already been investigating and was pulling out the orange cookie recipe I make every Christmas. Guess I know what I will make first. 

While I was making my list and checking my baking supplies, he got out my Gooseberry Christmas recipe book (not to mention he borrowed MY reading glasses) and started looking for some fudge recipes.

I had wrapped a present for Hubby to take to his work and Edgar finally rested and leaned up against it to see what I was doing. 

I turned around and he was gone. He had stopped by to see his old friend Ms. Ginger Breadman.

I thought he would stay there for awhile and calm down some. But he spotted my Christmas Pyrex and was off like a flash to check it out. I caught him using Pyrex for a bathtub last years so I scolded him and told him to get down.

He was finally getting tired so he went into the living room to relax in front of a roaring fire. I was hoping that meant he was ready for bed.

I sat down to read and watch some TV and next thing I know he was trying to drink my Pepsi. At least it was caffeine free. He was wired enough as it was. 

But when he started getting in my Junior Mints, I knew it was bedtime. You don't mess with my Junior Mints. 

At least he got me motivated to start wrapping presents and baking some goodies.

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Terri D said...

I think he needs to spend some time standing in the corner, or in time out!! That is one ornery elf!! :)