Weekend wrap up part 2

Sunday I slept until 7:30 which is very rare for me. After church, I went to the store to get some goodies for a Christmas party with my Thirty-One sisters. We were doing a secret Santa exchange and the limit was $10.00. I had been procrastinating and had to stop on my way to the party to get a gift for the exchange. I stopped at a store called Bee Hive that carries costume jewelry. They had a sale on watch faces for $5.00 and $1.50 for the interchangeable bands. So for my $10 I got a watch with three different bands. They even threw in a spare battery for free.

Once everybody got there, we had to take our tradition picture in front of the tree. 

And since they all love Kodak moments, we had to take one on the staircase. 

And it wouldn't be a gathering with these ladies if somebody didn't say "Now let's do a crazy picture." I just love them all so much. We have a blast when we get together.

One of my friends, Theresa, brought each of us a bottle of Germ-X with the famous 31 on it.

She actually was #1 on our gift fame. She got this attractive scarf. She had to put it on and model it even if it didn't match her shirt.

I was #6 and I couldn't have picked a better gift. Cookie trays, cookie mix, kitchen towel & potholder and a pretty whisk. Nobody stole it from me. They must have realized my gift was definitely meant for me.

Our fearless leader, Colleen, gets us each a new planner every year and we love them. This year she gave us a magnetic pad and a set of stars we could use to mark party days in our new planner. 

It was an awesome day and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful group of women in my life.


Terri D said...

What fun!! The watch gift you found is amazing! Great price, great gift! Someone got very lucky when they picked your present! Thanks for sharing!


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